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Jul 5, 2014


What a week! I can't even believe the adventures that we've been able to go on while we're here; my cup overflows with the blessings that have been poured out on us. This week has been absolutely jam-packed with amazing things!
Early this week we spent two days on a surprise trip to London with good friends. We took almost every form of transportation possible, I think. We started with a car to the train station, two trains to the airport, a plane to Gatwick airport, a train into London proper, a double-decker bus tour of the city, and a boat ferry to another part of the city before staying the night and reversing the whole thing the next day to come home. We knew we couldn't see everything in London, because there's just so much to see, but we made a list of three things that we wanted to see for sure: the London Eye (it was closed last time Josh and I were there), the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge. Everything else was just icing on the cake. We successfully saw everything on our list and then some! We ate pasties and fish and chips (with peas!), and were so blessed with beautiful weather the entire time.
 It was also the day of the Belgium/USA World Cup match. We hunkered down in a lovely pub (The Victoria) with several other Americans and plenty of Brits to watch. Josh represented Belgium well, and the rest of us Americans cheered the USA! Now that the USA is out of the Cup, Belgium has earned my cheering.

The next day (after not nearly enough sleep) we visited the Netherlands where we visited Noah's Ark, many Dutch windmills, and got to share at a prayer meeting at New Tribes Mission, Netherlands. It was a nice day of fellowship and even more sunshine.
Josh and I took yesterday to sleep in, while his parents and our friends visited Brussels. Last night we ate Chinese food with a sweet couple from the church here along with Josh's sister and brother-in-law. Even though it wasn't a big celebration of American freedom and liberty with fireworks and grilled meat, it was actually really, really nice to have a relaxed dinner with friends, plenty of laughter, and no pressures.

Happy Birthday, America, all the way from Belgium!