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Jul 22, 2014

Slow Summer

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. It's been nice to just do life normally.

We visited a tiny town in Germany {which is all of an hour away} and spent the day walking around, taking in the sights, and enjoying the sun. It was all stone and charm with lovely flowers and vines growing all over everything, with plenty of overlooks to see the city from above. We picked up lunch at a little bakery in the city and just enjoyed each others' company.

This week, my mother-in-love, sister-in-love and a friend went to pick blueberries. Between the four of us picking two buckets each, we picked over 60 pounds of delicious blueberries. We've eaten a lot of them, given some away, and we're already planning on going back for more. The next day, we all went to a small park with plenty of sunshine, a picnic, and a playground for the nephews. I love this kind of summer activity!
This summer started out moving very quickly, but now it has slowed down to a wonderful pace. It's kind of coasting by in a warm, sunshiney, comfortable way - and I love it!

My brain is starting to transition into moving mode, since we're entering the last month of our stay in Belgium. This is where I start thinking about how on earth I'm going to get everything back into my suitcase for us to get back to the States (fyi, it's gonna take a miracle!). Unfortunately, it's going at super sonic speeds and making me think about what I'll need in Arizona and PNG. It's really hard for me to keep it all straight in my head, and when I go to write it down, everything leaves my head. I'm learning to just live right where I am and ask the Lord about the rest; this is not easy, but it is necessary.

It also makes writing a bit hard, which is why this one post has taken more than 40 minutes to write.

Right now there's a cuppa tea and a cookie calling my name. And since it's summer, the calories don't count right? Right?