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Aug 11, 2014

The Adventure Continues

 I wrote that status in the wee hours of the morning one year ago today as we drove out of my hometown with our moving truck. That was the start of our adventure. It still rings just as true today as it did then. There is plenty of unknown in our future, and I've learned to just let it go and not try to plan out every detail of my life. Like most twenty-somethings, I had a five-year plan all mapped out and ready to go; but the Lord's plan was very different from mine. I learned to just go with His plan instead. And it's worked out so much better.
It's amazing to me that we have already been in Belgium for three months, and now we have just a few days left before our grand adventure continues. I'm soaking up as much of my time here as I can, and we're still trying to squeeze as much as we can into what we have left. This week we visited the memorial for the Battle of the Bulge, and a real, honest-to-goodness bakery. We gave a missions presentation, visited friends, went to the beach, ate fries, and walked through the rain.

I'm so thankful that we were able to come to here for the summer. It has been such a beautiful time of rest that I didn't even know that we needed.
Things are getting ready to kick into high gear. In the next few weeks we will travel back to America, drive three days to Arizona, and start new training in a new place with a new home.

Here's to the next part of our adventure, and I'm ready.