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Sep 9, 2014

A DIY House Tour

We arrived in our Little House in the Desert with nothing but what fit in our car. This did not include wall hangings or "pretty" things, just the practical, bare-minimum utilities, clothes, and paperwork. Luckily, most of what we would want was already here, minus the pretty decorations that I wanted to make home look homey.

They have something here called a "mission barrel" and if you know New Tribes at all, there is one of these at almost every one of their centers around the world. It's one of those feast or famine kind of places. You either find fantastic treasures, or a bunch of junk. Fortunately for me, I learned to make treasures from junk at a young age, and with the mission barrel just one building over, I go there often to scout for new materials.

I got started on DIY's pretty quick upon arriving. Here's a little look into my DIY decorations.
Spice jars turned cute matching vases! Just add gold polka dots.
I had access to a lot of twine/string and plenty of clothespins. I used them to the best of my ability (which isn't really saying a whole lot about my ability, to be honest), and hung them everywhere. A quick google search brought me to Foxgram{dot}com, a company that prints Instagram pictures into cute little creations. I got 50 3x3 prints of my pictures from my Instagram feed for only $15! Plus, they're little and light, so they travel well! With these few things together, I went a little crazy, and I love it!
{This is not a sponsored post for Foxgram, and I was not compensated. I just liked their product and wanted to share}
This is my pantry door in the kitchen!
They're also hanging over my desk, and over my washer/dryer. I love having these sweet little memories hanging all over my house!

The calendar is a simple picture frame that I cleaned up (it had a ton of stickers + sticky residue all over it). I printed out a calendar page and with a couple of dry-erase markers, I had a brand new calendar!
I also made some cute headwraps from old t-shirts that were super easy and are great for those days when you just want to hide those greasy roots and move on.

And that's my little diy house! I'm currently saving some bottles and will eventually do something with them.

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