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Sep 24, 2014

Airplanes + Animals

It has been a busy week around the center! I definitely did not think I would have this much to do around here. It will peter off a bit after this week, but there's still plenty of excitement around here.

There are several projects that I'm working on with some of the staff here, and it keeps me busy, for sure. I'm doing a lot of correspondence with various fields, and sifting through a lot of information and photographs. It's definitely work, but I'm loving it!

Absolute the most exciting news around here lately, though, is this: KODIAK #2 HAS ARRIVED! Yesterday afternoon our chief pilot and chief of operations landed on our airstrip with the brand new airplane. It's literally a flying answer to millions of prayers and years of waiting. This makes 2 of the 3 Kodiaks that we need for the entire field of Papua New Guinea. Know anybody who has about $2.9 million and want to use it to get the last Kodiak to PNG? Just kidding ...but seriously.
This weekend is the county fair, and NTMAviation has a booth there for the first time. Josh and I are signed up to help man the booth for a night. If anyone asks me a technical question, I won't know the answer, but I can smile and be excited about stuff like new airplanes, more pilots/mechanics, and expanding the reach of the Gospel!

I've kind of become known around here as the local wildlife spotter, and then sharing their pictures on social media. Several ladies walk in the morning, and since I've joined them, I have spotted several owls, a couple of deer, and more rabbits than you can shake a stick at. Unfortunately, I have yet to get any pictures of the owls, but here are some of the other creatures I've found!
L to R, clockwise: a tarantula, an escaped crawdad, a pregnant praying mantis, a baby hognose snake.
This does not include the four and a half foot green mojave rattlesnake that we found in our first week while camping. Or the mice that live in the cactus outside my carport. I'm telling ya, I'm a pro at this animal stuff. I wonder if they give out medals...

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