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Oct 31, 2014

weekend aviation expo

Last week I shared the heaviness that has been hanging around and weighing so many people down. Since then, there have been a couple surgeries, and many more prayers for Jon and Adie. The Lord has met me and so many others in those heavy places, right where we were, and held us close, reminding us that His plan is bigger and better than our own.

This past weekend was the NTM Aviation Expo - it was only for NTM Aviation, and those who are interested/support missions aviation. There were over 200 people who came out to support this event! Both of the new Kodiaks were present, one was giving rides, and both were dedicated to the service of the Lord during the event.
So much love in these prayers of dedication for this airplane!
No sooner had we arrived back home than it was time for the ladies Christmas card event, which I was honored to help with. One lady started this project last year, where the aviation ladies here in Arizona send Christmas cards and a small gift to the NTM Aviation wives serving around the world. We had an evening where were assembled the cards + gift + envelopes; it was such a sweet night of fellowship and laughter. I'm going to share my raw-sugar caramel sauce recipe this week - it was a BIG hit with the ladies this week!
All of the NTM Aviation volunteers at the Expo!
Things are beginning to slow down and cool off (at least in the morning + evenings) around here. After being so busy upon arriving, I'm looking forward to the slow down. Before we know it, though, it will be time to pack up and move on to the next phase. We're not really sure when that will be, yet, as it all depends on how the training goes and what the new plan is for pilots in PNG. However, we do know that building relationships with people is going to be our full-time ministry upon leaving Arizona. We need to raise our financial support levels before we can go to PNG. We are hoping to visit as many people as we can on our way from Arizona to Florida; if you would like us to visit you, just comment here or send me an email and we'll see what we can work out!

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