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Dec 8, 2014

a marble rolling pin

A couple of weeks ago, one of the ladies here at the center, invited me to her house for an afternoon of bread-making. Growing up in the American culture, I never learned how to make bread. My mom used her breadmaker on special occasions, but it was never something that either of us really learned how to do. It's much easier to grab a loaf of bread while you're at the store, although your house smells much less tasty.  :-)

So here I am, at my friend's house learning how to make bread. She observed and left her weekly bread to my incapable hands {gulp!}. We measured and poured, mixed and kneaded, rolled and folded dough until I was comfortable with how bread dough should look and feel.
While our bread and rolls were rising, she asked what else I would like to learn. She listed off a few things that it's good to know how to make from scratch before going to the foreign field: yogurt (with powdered milk), tortillas, dressings, tasty(er) ways to take malaria medicine, and ready-to-go pancake mix, to name a few.

I said yes to it all, since we had a couple of hours to kill. She walked me through the process of yogurt-making (although we didn't make it), and she passed on her recipes for everything else. Then she proclaimed that it was time to make tortillas! As we began rolling out flat circles somewhat roundish blobs of dough she talked about tortilla-making tools. She is a marble rolling pin advocate; and after trying both her wooden and marble ones, I definitely agree! It totally beats the empty wine bottle that I had been using for a rolling pin at home...
Meanwhile, I'm having a minor panic attack, wondering how I can afford a marble rolling pin {it sounds so posh; and I didn't know they're actually pretty cheap} and how I can possibly even get something that heavy to Papua New Guinea in my suitcase without paying exorbitant airline overweight charges.

When I got home that evening, loaded down with all kinds of floury and yeasty goodness, and still wondering what to do about a marble rolling pin, I looked through the document that my mother-in-love sent me from PNG listing our overseas "possessions." She sent it to me a year ago, although I haven't spent much time looking through it. Wouldn't you know that at the very bottom of that list it said very clearly: green marble rolling pin.
It was like a little hug from God, just because He likes to shower His children with love. Here, I didn't even know that I wanted a marble rolling pin, but He already gave one to me over a year ago!

Encouragement, tortillas, humor, and blessings all wrapped up into one package. :-)


  1. That really sounds like a great afternoon. I have made bread myself, it is lovely. I just need a bigger oven (or to say ... a working one, but actually I need a new kitchen around it too). I've made yoghurt, but that was not that much fun. It feels more like multiplying yoghurt, because you start with yoghurt already.
    And ... oooo, now I need a marble rolling pin. This is going on my christmas-wish-list for next year ! Thank you so much for sharing this. I have a wooden one, but that is not easy in use and I have a pvc one, good in use but not all that heavy. I should get rid of the wooden one.

  2. It would appear that I commented on the wrong blog entry. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the afternoon with you and baking together. You are a natural in the kitchen. It was so fun to read of God's hug to you in providing you with a marble rolling pin more than a year ago. God will be with you in PNG and the same good God there as he is here. :-)