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Dec 11, 2014

dark chocolate honey truffles

This year we had Thanksgiving with two other families, one who has sugar issues similar to mine. Both of them were planning on bringing fantastic pies and cakes, and since I didn't want to be left out of the dessert eating, I scoured the internet to find my own dessert to bring.

I landed on truffles. They're stupid easy to make, and absolutely decadent. We took the leftovers camping with us, and they make a great little sweet, poppable snack. Since Christmas is coming up, and I know that someone out there is an obsessive planner like myself and is already planning their Christmas menu, I decided to share the recipe.

These are refined sugar free, but they definitely don't taste like it!

Dark Chocolate Honey Truffles
(makes approx. 30
original recipe from Rook No. 17)

printable recipe here
I made these the day before Thanksgiving, so I had less to do on the actual day. Since these were such a hit, they have officially made it to my Christmas Day menu. I'm so excited!

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