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Dec 4, 2014

thanksgiving weekend

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions? Growing up, Thanksgiving Day was always pretty relaxed. We'd cook and eat, and play games, and eat some more, and talk, and eat some more... Then Black Friday we would go out to lunch, see a movie, and buy our Christmas tree. No crazy crowds. No meaningless shopping. Just family time.

Since getting married, Josh and I have looked to make our own traditions. We haven't been in the same place twice for a Thanksgiving yet, so that's kind of hard; but we've decided on a new Thanksgiving weekend tradition, which we put into practice this year. Camping. 
We had a beautiful Thanksgiving supper with some good friends adopted family, played some games, and just enjoyed being together. Everyone pulled out all of the stops. Friday morning, we all packed up our friends' camper, and drove to a little spot in the woods until Sunday afternoon. It was wonderful! There was a small (and extremely cold) creek running behind our campsite, lots of cozy campfires, breathtaking clear skies, lots of stars, and a whole forest of trees! (Be still, my heart!)

One afternoon, our friends took us hiking in the Chiricahuas. I have never seen anything like it, and it was such a fun afternoon of hiking, climbing, and "hellooooooooo"s into Echo Canyon.
It was plenty cold while camping, but it was so cozy and nice. I love the peace of being in the woods. It makes my whole soul feel good. Although, I was extremely grateful for a hot shower and my own bed Sunday night. :)

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?
P.S. Since I totally slacked off during November, I have several posts planned out for December, to hopefully get back on track!

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  1. Camping is so much fun :-). And yes, one of the best parts is not having to sleep in the tent when you get back home. We love it too. Our tent broke last summer, so we are looking for another one now.
    I hope you can make wonderfull traditions now. Traditions are worth a lot !