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Jan 27, 2015

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Life is going by at a phenomenal pace right now. The days are beginning to blur together and it feels like I'm stuck in a cycle of working hard, but also doing nothing. It's kind of bizarre. A lot of our "job" right now is waiting... waiting for paperwork to come in, waiting for appointments to be filled, waiting for government paperwork/appointments/timing. We write a lot of emails. We drink a lot of coffee.
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My word for the year - soak - is much harder to apply than I originally thought it would be. While we seem to have a lot of downtime in between the busy times, I forget to soak up what I am doing, and end up just doing.

This week, my Grammy passed away. It was not unexpected, and I think everyone got to say their goodbyes before she went home to glory. I'm glad that we could be here for my mom, Grammy's firstborn, only daughter, and caretaker; and that my brother could come home for a short time. Thanks for all of your love and prayers. <3 nbsp="" p="">
This coming weekend, we're going to be traveling to the Tampa Bay area with the Southeastern NTM Rep to visit some other churches interested in missions. I'm looking forward to getting to know other churches in Florida! I think there's going to be a lot of local traveling in the next few months.

After almost four months of seeking the Lord and looking for a plan for what to do with the aviation department in Papua New Guinea after Jon's accident, there is finally a plan! I don't know all of the details, and a lot still has to be worked out before it can be implemented, so I won't share yet and spoil it, but I did a happy little jig yesterday when we got the call. The Lord has indeed gone ahead of us and had a big plan even when things seemed hopeless and murky. Thank you for praying so earnestly with us!
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We're also pretty excited that Josh's parents accepted a new (to them) position of Program Manager/CEO of NTM-Aviation, Papua New Guinea. This means that Josh's dad will be his direct boss. One of the executives from NTMA-Arizona is going to PNG next month to help train and acclimate him to his new position, and "help prepare him to handle you (Josh)." Jokingly, Josh answered that "(his dad) has been handling me a lot longer than (NTMA-Arizona) has." I'm so thankful that we have such good relationships within the mission. It certainly makes life a little easier.

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