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Mar 11, 2015

driving + journaling

This year seems to be slipping away from me. It's already the second week of March!

As usual with this stage of life we're in, we've been doing a lot of traveling and visiting with people. This weekend we drove to and from Orlando, then to Jacksonville one day, and then from Jacksonville to St. Petersburg the next, and finally from St. Pete home. We had the opportunity to visit with some awesome people, hug our best friend on her birthday, and speak in a church.
I'm so thankful for these moments. The ones where Josh and I spend together while we drive. The ones where we can hug our friends on their special days. These moments are my heart. And the moments when we meet new people who think we're just the coolest for being missionary aviators living on a third world tropical island (come on, did you really think I could go that long without a little sarcasm?) :)

I've been seeing a new trend slowly appearing... Bible Journaling. A combination of Bible study and "art worship." Brilliantly talented people are drawing beautiful illustrations, combining scrapbooking, hand-lettering, prayers, quotes, notes, lyrics, and verses into the (extra large lined margins) of their BIBLES. I have always been a margin note-taker, highlighter, and general scribbler, so this is right up my alley. I've already taken to searching Pinterest for illustrations to copy into my Bible. I think I might need to get my own Journaling Bible before we go overseas. Drawing something that is both pretty and applicable into my Bible really helps me to study and remember what it is I actually learned. Bonus points for getting the creative juices flowing during my quiet time!
Are you a Bible margin note taker? Do you ever doodle pictures in your Bible?

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