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Mar 23, 2015

springtime soaking

This whole year is absolutely just flying by. I know that I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, repeating that phrase over and over, but it's really true. I can barely keep up with how fast the days are slipping by me. It kind of feels like being caught in a swift river, the water rushing and pulling me along recklessly.

There have been many things that have gone on in the last few weeks (months?) that were totally blog-able, but due to a severe lapse in creativity and inspiration, I failed to share.
Firstly, there was the Downton finale party at Nana's house. We dressed up (hats, gloves, and all!) and had a beautiful tea while we watched the season finale of Downton Abbey. There were cucumber sandwiches, soup, and rich tea biscuits to go with a bit of jam and plenty of strong English tea.

Then there was the Master Gardener festival that my mom and I attended, with an entire tent draped in handmade glass chimes that tinkled in the breeze. There were gigantic orchids, a plethora of herbs, and millions of various blossoms. I even managed to snag a small succulent garden to go with the swag (stuff we all get) of the day -- a lovely tomato plant! It's currently sunning in my backyard.
After an entire day spent in Beth's garden - harvesting, pruning, and planting - I decided to experiment with some of the orange blossoms that were sacrificed in the pruning. After a quick google search to ensure that they really were edible, I made some orange blossom tea. It turned out to be a great decision. It's incredibly light, extremely fragrant, and the addition of honey made it taste like an orange blossom smells. I followed this recipe.
This weekend, we quietly celebrated Josh's birthday with family and movies. The next day Josh and I did a missions presentation for the kids at a local school; we made candy airplanes and had plenty of laughs. Later, we helped with a yard sale, where I found an awesome dragon kite and let my inner kid out to play.
Even though time is slipping by so quickly, it's moments like these that I am trying to soak up.

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