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Apr 16, 2015

the year of constant catch up

Dry Falls
I'm declaring 2015 as the Year of Constant Catch Up. Time is consistently getting away from me.

Just this Sunday, we had a partnership informational meeting in the afternoon... the couple we stayed with pointed out that they didn't know April 12th was their church's nursing home day, and so there probably wouldn't be too many people who could come to our meeting that afternoon. I puzzled for more than 10 minutes about why that was a problem for us before it dawned on me that it WAS April 12th.

I might just give up on the calendar for this year. It's obviously ignoring me.

Last week Josh and I had several presentations and opportunities to share information about our ministry, and invite people to join our support team. It looked something like this:
Speak at Bible study. Leave for NC. Fellowship, lunch, and presentation with new-to-us missions coordinator there. Church and networking, then informational meeting. Drive home to FL. Sleep. Josh flies to AZ.

Josh has the amazing opportunity to get some amazing flight hours in the Kodiak this week! He will help fly the Kodiak from Arizona to Lakeland, FL for Sun N Fun, the second largest air show in the USA. New Tribes Mission Aviation has a booth there where we'll be volunteering - then Josh will help fly the Kodiak back to Arizona and catch a commercial flight back. This is such a huge blessing for us, as he is able to get Kodiak time (which is otherwise very expensive) before we get to PNG this summer!

Yesterday we received Josh's USA passport! This is another huge step forward for us, as it means that we can now submit our applications for PNG visas.
Dogwood blooming
Since Josh is out of town on our actual anniversary - which is today and totally okay with me, by the way, since I told him it would be ridiculous to pass up Kodiak time - we celebrated before he left for Arizona. He knows me so well - we went out for wings and spent time just talking about life. Four years of marriage has taught us that it doesn't have to be fancy or big to be meaningful, just taking the time to be totally intentional and exclusive is enough for us.

Even though time is getting away from me constantly, we are making steady progress toward getting to Papua New Guinea by our June/July departure date. Step by step of faith and prayer, the Lord is paving our way.

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