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May 12, 2015

erin's essential list of things to bring to a new kitchen

Just wanted to drop a quick note saying thank you for your response to my last blog post. Thank you for your emails telling me your stories, your heartache, your joy... for sharing that you "get it" or honestly that you don't. I actually feel quite tongue-tied and blog-shy now, as I've started, finished, and deleted several posts since then since nothing felt "right" after such an overwhelming response to sharing my heart. So here's kind of a silly post about missionary life... the moving, packing, and setting up home side of things.
I've been a career nomad for the last 3 years. I've lived in 4 different states, 2 countries (remember Belgium last summer?), and 7 different houses/apartments, with a big international move to PNG coming up this summer. This means that I've pretty much streamlined this whole moving thing. Right now, all of our USA belongings will fit into our car; and a good chunk of that will disappear before we go to PNG. We don't own a whole lot of superfluous stuff, which is nice, but also not.
Since moving and "setting up house" in a new place so often, I've come up with "Erin's Essential List of Things to Bring to a New Home Kitchen." I'm still working on the title.

1. A big skillet. So you can fry your meat and toss whatever else you want into the pan without it overflowing.
2. Tongs. Great for cooking, mixing, and grabbing that jar off of the top shelf.
3. A sharp knife. Dull knives make me kind of angry.
4. Silicon spatula. A no-stick mixing, scraping, stirring tool.
5. Rimmed baking sheet. Perfect for roasting veggies or meat, doubles as a cookie sheet, dish-drying rack, or drip pan.
6. Measuring cups and spoons. Need I say more?
We've been blessed with moving into already furnished homes while we raise the last 15% of our support (yes - we're now at 60%!!!) and prepare to go to PNG in June or July. However, these are my everyday essentials when we move. If I don't have these, I feel lost in a kitchen. I can finagle my way out of almost any kitchen snafu if I have these tools with me.
What are your everyday kitchen essentials?


  1. I really like having wooden spoons and spatula.

    1. Those are some of mine, too! <3

  2. A spatula could be used as a flyswatter... But my mom doesn't generally appreciate it when I use it that way. ;) A better use of it is to get little brothers out of the kitchen when they keep trying to stick their fingers in the cookie dough!

    1. Cookie dough eating (pre-baking) is encouraged in our household! ;) Spatulas are always useful!