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May 28, 2015

kodiak number three

Kodiak #3 just purchased! It's a "white tail" which means it hasn't been painted with NTM Aviation's red, white, and gold paint scheme yet.
God's timing is absolutely amazing and perfect every single time... I don't know why it's so hard to remember that. Yesterday we were given the green light to announce that New Tribes Mission Aviation has purchased Kodiak #3 for the flight program in PNG! This is a project that has been in the works for several years. The original goal was to get 3 Quest Kodiak's into PNG to replace the current fleet of Cessna 206's. And that goal is now realized! Last summer saw the donation of two Kodiaks and this summer the final one has been purchased!
Lord willing, all three of these aircraft will be in PNG by mid-2016, completing the fleet transition for the flight program and enabling NTMA to better serve the people of Papua New Guinea and expand the reach of the gospel! The first Kodiak is scheduled to arrive in PNG this summer, with the next two in line to arrive in the months following.
In addition to this amazing provision, the Lord has also provided a check and training pilot for PNG. After Jon Leedahl's accident last year, things seemed quite grim for the flight program in Papua New Guinea. A lot of people were left wondering what would happen - it was a heavy mantle for a lot of people, including us. But once again: God's timing is impeccable and there is now a pilot who has stepped in filling this role of training pilot in PNG until another can be trained up. What provision!
We also learned last night that our PNG work permits were approved, which means that we can apply for our entry permits for PNG shortly. Once those are approved and we have at least 75% of our monthly support then we can purchase tickets. And that's when the fun part begins - Josh gets to fly these airplanes into the remote airstrips of PNG, encouraging and enabling the expansion of the Gospel! You can also be a part of this amazing team by partnering with us.
We're so excited to be partners in this amazing work!


  1. What you guys are doing is so awesome! Missionary aviation is one of my dream goals in life.

    1. God bless you as you pursue Him and His call towards missionary aviation. :)