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May 21, 2015


Josh flying the Kodiak to and from Florida for Sun n Fun.
Most of you know that since we finished Bible school last year we’ve been doing partnership development as our full-time stateside ministry. This looks like a lot of writing emails, a lot of phone calls to set up meetings, a lot of cups of coffee, a lot of driving, a lot of sharing, and a whole lot of prayer. Sometimes it can feel like we’re doing nothing, but in the midst of the “nothing” is where God works the most.
Since going to the Sun n Fun airshow in April, Josh and I have visited or met with six different churches, two of which he has preached in, as well as numerous individuals and small groups. Our paperwork to enter Papua New Guinea is being processed, and Josh has even started studying to get his PNG pilot’s licenses. We also learned that this week the PNG aviation authority approved NTM Aviation’s Kodiak for import into the country! That’s something that usually takes a couple of months.
We’re now at 66% of our monthly financial support. Guys, we are so close! New Tribes requires that we have 75% of our monthly support goal before we can purchase our tickets and leave for PNG. That’s only 9% more! In round numbers, that’s $465 that we still need to raise per month before we reach 75%and $1650 until we’re 100% funded. At the risk of sounding super corny - this is crunch time.
Right now we are aiming for a mid-July departure for PNG. This will give us enough time for Josh to apply for his PNG licenses, as well as allowing us time to settle in-country before our orientation class begins in August. We’re going to steadily go towards that goal, finishing our paperwork, packing, and meeting with churches and individuals; trusting the Lord to supply the rest of our support through His Body, the Church!
It’s such an encouragement to us when other people get as excited about missions as we are! If you feel that the Lord is leading you to be involved in missions through partnership with us – then please send us an email, give us a call, send a smoke signal, or visit the give page to see how you can get involved. Partnership is a two-way street, and so if you just want to chat, have a prayer request, or have any questions at all, then please write to us!
Josh at one of the many presentations we've given lately!

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