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May 1, 2015

post office: check!

Thursday night I picked Josh up at the airport - the first time he's been home since the 15th of April - and Friday morning we hit the ground running once more. Our job is never finished, it seems.

The next step in our process right now is collecting and filing the paperwork for our work permits in Papua New Guinea. This was one of those things that we couldn't do until we received Josh's US passport, which we couldn't do until he took the oath ceremony, which we couldn't do until... well, I think you remember. :) Anyways, as of Friday morning...Our work permit applications have been printed, thumbprinted, signed, sealed, and mailed to the Papua New Guinea government for processing!

This was the last piece of paperwork we needed to send in order for us to get to the field! There are a couple of minor things left to mail once our application is approved, but this was the BIG one. When the post-lady asked what the value of it was (required for the customs form) we were a little stumped, because to us, it's pretty valuable!

While we were at Sun N Fun, we got 2 very exciting and encouraging emails. One telling us that a church picked us up for monthly support - which puts us at 58%! - and another telling us that someone wants to pay our airfare to PNG! 

The last piece of the puzzle is to get our monthly support to the 75% mark. It's all coming together - and it is unbelievably exciting! We're getting into the last few months, and it's really amazing to see how the Lord is orchestrating all of the teensiest details to get us to PNG. I'm so glad that I get a front-row seat to see Him work!
The post lady graciously posed for us, even though there was a line - she probably thought we were crazy!

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