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Jul 18, 2015

jet lag journey; part 2

This is the first time that I’ve had internet since we got here, so this blog post is a week late. I’ve been writing and saving them on my computer, so there is plenty of stuff to share about. I’ll try not to post them all at once.

Last I wrote Josh and I were in Singapore, enjoying a 3-day rest period before we arrived in Papua New Guinea. I was fighting jetlag and losing miserably. I’m happy to report that I eventually conquered the beast – although it took me several days longer than it did Josh.

Flights numbers 4 and 5 to our new home were both uneventful and we were extremely blessed with no extra fees! I know it was because of your prayers. Thank you!
Boarding our last flight!
It was dark-thirty in the morning when we first landed in the capital of Papua New Guinea. We were able to transfer our bags with no hassles, and even picked up some phone cards so we could call/text our families and let them know that we made it safely.

From there we walk outside of the international terminal and down to the domestic one. A wave of heat greets you at the door, but it felt nice after being in a chilly airplane for 6 hours.

It seemed like Josh made friends with everyone he met. “Oh, I’m a Highland’s kid from Goroka. Went to America, got a wife, and now come back. It’s been 6 years.” All of them laugh and make jokes with him, congratulating and welcoming him back.

We boarded our last flight that would carry us to our new home. The views from the air are spectacular. Bright blue skies. Deep green mountains. Red clay. Huts and farms dotted across it all. Black char marks and trails of smoke where the nationals are “making clouds” to water their crops. 

 Josh’s parents met us at the gate – their white noses standing out amidst the sea of brown ones as everyone waits to see who the plane brings. Once the bags were loaded up, we had time for a quick coffee and catch up at “The Steakhouse” before we toured the hangar where Josh will be working and then made the short (but oh so busy!) drive to our new home.

Our house is a three bedroom, one bath duplex that is absolutely precious! My in-laws worked very hard to clean, repaint, and set up our home for our first days in the country. I can’t even describe what a blessing that still is to me! I feel quite spoiled, really, as I have many things here that I would have loved to have in the states. So much for “suffering for the Lord.”
All of our luggage made it in one piece. This was the necessary photo for posterity of our arrival. :)
I’ve found that everything takes a lot more time and energy to do here. There are a lot more steps involved for each thing you do, and sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. But at the same time, it feels good… like home. And even though everything requires more here, the living feels pretty easy.

I haven’t felt much culture shock yet (although I’m sure it will come eventually), but I think that because we’ve been heading to PNG for so long, that now that we’re finally here it just seems right.
I can't get enough of that view. Gorgeous!

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  1. That is incredibly exciting! So glad your luggage worked out. I've been praying for your trip!