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Oct 21, 2016

busy work

What an interesting couple of months it has been! I can’t even believe it’s been that long since I blogged, because it has been so busy that time has seriously just flown by!

Let me try and summarize:

It seems like we all had medevac on the brain; there was something like 1 a week during August. Each medevac is different and requires its own debriefings (departmental and leadership). Our processes have to be continually evaluated and revised. Josh was doing a lot of flying during this time, and our clinic was busy keeping up with all of the paperwork.

Get well, Bonnie - from the clinic staff!
Bonita, Freddy, Katy, Kevin, Michaela, Erin
One of my very good friends, and also the office-manager of our clinic became very ill and needed to go to the States for surgery. Amazingly, all of the pieces fell into place for her to go as soon as possible, and the Lord opened all the right doors to all the right people, and she’s now making a beautiful recovery! However, due to limited front office staffing (2 receptionists + 1 manager) in our clinic, the loss of the manager caused us to be more than short-staffed, and her duties fell to me. Those last couple of weeks in September I was on a steep learning curve and feeling a little overwhelmed trying to find a balance in everything.

Wall art - notes, cards, and art from home.
I finally found my rhythm as the interim-manager, and stopped feeling so overwhelmed with the new duties. I began to train two new ladies to work at the desk, so that I could do more of the manager stuff without overwhelming myself – they are doing so well, and fit right into our crazy little family! It isn’t a job that I would have volunteered for, but I’m finding that I actually enjoy it now that there’s a rhythm to it. It’s still hard being the “boss-meri” (aka, boss lady), and I’ve messed up and been rather grace-less a lot; but the Lord has been meeting me right there, and giving me the strength for each day as it comes.
You're never smarter than the other critters that want your bananas.
Josh and I have an awesome support system here, and everyone pulled together to help get the job done and not overwhelm or burnout anyone. A doctor from Northern Ireland came at just the right time to help with patients right at the same time one of our nurses left for more schooling in the States. Two ladies began training at the front desk so that we could all share the load four-ways, instead of two. I was lucky not to reach burnout, which so often happens with missionaries, but I can absolutely see how easy it would be to do:

Long-term mission work is a marathon, not a sprint, and it really does take a team to support and encourage you to keep going both physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.
Making my own fall.
THANK YOU for being a part of that team for Josh and I! Your prayers, financial support, texts, emails, and letters are such an encouragement to us! They allow us to survive over here, and to keep going even when things get hard. They remind us of the bigger picture of God’s Kingdom work. They remind us that we’re not forgotten. They remind us that we’re loved. Again, thank you! 

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