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Feb 9, 2017

quieter community

Things are lot quieter around here than the last time I wrote. I’ve gone back to part time in the clinic, which has given me a lot more free -time to build up some of those relationships that fell by the wayside as I inched my way towards burnout. I’ve joined a ladies Bible study, and have regular coffee dates with girlfriends who are teaching me the beauty of walking through seasons together, and always reminding me of truth. Sometimes living in community is really hard, so it’s really nice to have a community within a community to do life with.
The coast from the air. Can you believe that blue?
Josh has been really busy, but he’s loving it. It seems like there is always a new airstrip to be checked out in, or a cargo run, or a medevac to keep him busy. It’s a good thing he loves it! After watching him not fly for the first 10 months of our time here, and knowing the pain that was causing … it does my heart so good to see him flourishing now! Our team is great, and they have gotten to know each other’s’ strengths and weaknesses and are able to help each other; it’s so cool to see! Friendship is a blessing when so easily we could see everyone as “co-workers” only and not as our friends, too. Community living, y’all.
I got to be co-pilot for our trip! So fun to sit next to this handsome guy!
This view never gets old.
We even got to have a much-needed weekend away, as a church from the states put on a free weekend retreat in the beautiful, coastal town of Madang for about 40 missionaries from all over PNG. It was such a nice time of rest and refreshment. I got to meet some people from our other centers across the country, and it was so fun to make those new connections that I hope will blossom into friendships. It might not have been quite long enough to really count as a true break, but it was nice either way.

This week has felt like fall – and knowing how hot it can get here – I am soaking up the cooler temps, foggy mornings, and rainy evenings. And wearing sweaters and scarves because I can. And burning candles so it’s nice and cozy inside. It’s the little things that make me happy. :-)
Paradise. And that salt air. Oh yes! <3 td="">

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  1. Friendships! I enjoyed a lot of tropical beauty (on boats instead of planes) and enjoyable work (at an oceanarium and maritime, then fire-rescue) and cool adventures at your age, but I missed out, for the most part, on real friendships. I'm SO GLAD that you're not! Invest in and nurture those friendships, my beautiful beloved daughter. So proud of you and Josh, can't wait to see you both again!