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May 17, 2017


You might have heard that New Tribes Mission has changed their name; it’s now called Ethnos360. I wanted to give a little update on what that means for us.

The vision for Ethnos360 is exactly the same as New Tribes Mission, it just uses more culturally appropriate language for the various places they work, stepping away from language that can be offensive or dangerous (such as “tribes” and “mission”). Ethnos still represents the people groups that are the heart of NTM, and 360 represents the globe. The vision is still the same, there’s just a new face.

Right now NewTribes Mission Aviation has not changed their name, although I suspect they will change soon to maintain continuity across the board. Until that happens, we still work for New Tribes Mission Aviation in Papua New Guinea.

Each separate field has the choice to use a culturally appropriate name, and in Papua New Guinea it would actually hurt us more to step away from the ties that NTM has here by changing our name. The relationships, paperwork, and legacy that exists here under the banner of New Tribes Mission is a generally good one, and changing that could potentially damage those ties. This name change from NTM to Ethnos360 only applies to the USA employees.

So, to sum up how this name change affects Josh and I:
In America we are now:Ethnos360andNew Tribes Mission Aviation 
In Papua New Guinea we are:New Tribes MissionandNew Tribes Mission Aviation
If anything changes, we will be sure to let you know! I just wanted to provide a little bit of clarity on this big change within our mission, and how it relates to us.

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  1. AnonymousMay 18, 2017

    It's a shame what our society has come to. It seems that every name or phrase is offensive or unappropiate to someone. People need to remove the block from their shoulder and grow up. They need to be more positive and less negative. I can imagine GOD in heaven just shaking His head in frustration.