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Oct 2, 2017

bad blogger

Wow, it’s been since MAY that I blogged last. They say it’s bad blogging etiquette to say “It’s been SO LONG. I’m sorry I’m a bad blogger. It’s been super busy.”

But you know what?
It has. 

There have been more medevacs, which means both Josh and I work extra. From July 2016 to July 2017 we had 36; both in country and out. That’s a record for our center/clinic/program.
left to right: Jon Leedahl, Dr. Kevin Ludwig holding baby Jensen, Josh Verdonck after flying a medevac to Cairns, Australia
photo via: @j_verdonck

Besides the medevacs (not all of which Josh flew, obviously), there has been lots of other flying to keep him busy. You’ve probably heard about the newest tribal work open in Maliyali. They are first delivered to a staging area in the Kodiak, then shuttled in to their village of Maliyali in the helicopter. Josh was one of the main pilots helping with their allocation, as well as delivering them to their new home.
Josh doing one of the Maliyali allocation runs with the guys, Nathan (back), and David.
photo via: @j_verdonck
As is always the case with ministry work, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” You probably remember that in January, one of our pilots had to leave for an early furlough. Unfortunately, in the last two weeks before we left, one more pilot had to stop flying as well. That leaves the program at 3 Kodiak pilots and 1 helicopter pilot for the next 6 months at least. This is a heavy load for the team there, as it doesn’t take long to burn out.

While we can’t exactly change our plans, this is something that weighs on Josh and I. Will you pray with us that God would send some more pilots to help carry the program in PNG?

Apart from the ministry side of life there in PNG, is the personal side. The doing life side. For us, that has meant getting excited as Baby GIRL Verdonck keeps growing right on schedule and is doing very well, and so are we.
View from our new porch! :)
We also got the opportunity to move into a different house on the center, one that needed a little work before we could move. Luckily Josh had lots of help, so it didn’t take too long before it was ready for us to move in. We now have a beautiful home that we absolutely love, and a wonderful front porch that we make regular use of. This is the first time that we actually feel settled.

It was election season in PNG this summer, which brings on a whole host of drama in the country, as emotions run high and strong about their candidates.

Maternity Leave:
So now we are in America, on our maternity leave. We’re living in our hometown of Florida, in a little house in a great location. Just a few days after we arrived in Florida, Hurricane Irma came right through our town. Being inland, we did not need to evacuate as mostly hurricanes are just wind and rain for us; it’s the post-storm clean up that causes all the difficulty. Luckily there was no major damage to any of our friend’s or family’s homes, and apart from the annoying clean up, and no power for several days, all is well.
Josh and I at our baby shower this weekend. So many blessings, and so fun!
We’ve seen the OB/GYN, pre-registered at the hospital, and signed up for all the parenting classes we can. There’s an overwhelming pile of baby clothes and supplies in our living room, and a car seat in "our" minivan. But at 33 weeks, it won’t be long before we have to put that stuff to use!

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