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Mar 5, 2012

A New Week

image via little chief honeybee.

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! We definitely did. The church bonfire on Saturday night was a true success! I danced from start to finish; and paid for it with sore legs the next day. Oh, by the way, I made the trifle from my last post for Saturday night. Friends, that recipe's a keeper, the entire bowl disappeared less than thirty minutes after I set it out.

We had a lovely weekend, and I'm hoping that will carry over into this new week. We switched up the classrooms last week, so now I have a smaller class with only the students who need the most hand-holding, and things seem to be going smoother. I'm also getting more comfortable in my position there, which is something I've been praying about lately, and now I'm not having to learn strategies and methods myself while teaching it at the same time. The Lord is so faithful to answer the prayers of His children.

I just thought you should be reminded of that today, and tomorrow, and every day.  :)

Other exciting things from this week:
-My parents and grandmother are completely moved into their new house across town, they just have organizing and a big yard sale (winkwink, Mom) left to do.
-I learned that I'm not so bad at cards. My partner and I won a decisive victory last night, even though I counted the cards incorrectly.

We're looking forward to:
-Birthday dinner for my best friend.
-Production planning meeting for dance.
-Spring break starts next Friday!

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