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Jun 2, 2012

Life's Good

photo courtesy of Erin's Instagram

Wow! It's been almost two weeks since I last wrote about what's been going on in life. That right there should tell you just how busy we've both been the last two weeks.

Right after my little blog had its 1st birthday, I celebrated my 21st birthday! Josh and I both had to work, but then we spent the afternoon relaxing, and went to dinner with my parents, brother, and grandmother. There was cake and a night flight to finish off the night! It's good to be a pilot's wife.

photo courtesy of Erin's Instagram

Saturday evening Josh and some friends of ours threw a surprise birthday party for me! There was amazing food, fellowship, Doctor Who, and this:

photo courtesy of Lisa S.
Please feel free to be jealous.

Sunday, Josh and I took a "mental health day;" meaning, we stayed home like lazy bums. Josh had a good excuse at least, he was sick all weekend, I was just lazy. He lost a lot of time flying over the weekend, seeing as how we had our first tropical storm of the season, Beryl.

Memorial Day was quiet, seeing as how Josh couldn't go anywhere without infecting someone; but I was able to catch up on housework and classwork, finally. Then it was back to school where we spent the day gardening, cleaning, doing inventory, and preparing for the big play/graduation the next day.

photo courtesy of Erin's Instagram
This weekend, my baby brother graduated from highschool and celebrated his 19th birthday! Next, he gets on a bus sometime in the next few months for the Army. I could not be any more proud of him!

So that's what the last two weeks has been like. Every day filled to bursting. Life may be busy, but it's good. Now school is all done for the summer, but things aren't going to be slowing down. I think I might get some more time to write about it all, though.

Preview of what's to come:
-Bahama's. Less than one week!
-Beauty and the Beast; it's all going to work out, right? Right?!
-VBS. I'm teaching Kindergarten!
-RYM. A week at the beach. Yes.

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