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Apr 26, 2013


Why don't grown-ups take naps more often? I don't know how it happened, but I took a nap almost every day this week. It was bliss.

But that's not what I wanted to share with you today. Today, I want to share our latest adventure...

Last week, Josh and I went to Sun 'n Fun and had a crazy turn around before our next adventure - our 2 year wedding anniversary! Monday afternoon, Josh left work early and we took off for Orlando. Our destination? Downtown Disney, of course! We spent the whole afternoon and evening walking through the shops, playing games, bowling, and of course, eating.
left: We're here! right: Josh with Lego Buzz Lightyear and Woody
left: Josh building his very own lightsaber! right: Me with a gold man.
Raglan Road, a delicious Irish Pub in Downtown Disney. This is definitely a good place to stop!!
We stayed the night there, slept in the next morning, and then headed out to Disney's Magic Kingdom for the day! Neither of us have been there since we were young, so it was very exciting to go together and experience the magic together! Since we were there on a weekday, lines were pretty short, and since we don't have young'ns of our own yet, we buzzed around and saw everything we wanted to see with no problems. It was so much fun! 
left: Park tickets! The lady made sure we had matching Mickey/Minnie ones! She gave us Anniversary buttons, too! "We want you to feel special while you're here, because you ARE special!" Every cast member we saw wished a Happy Anniversary! How fun! right: Traditional chalkboard anniversary picture with Cinderella's castle, of course!
left: We met Mickey Mouse! right: He pushed Josh out of the picture...
left: Ariel's castle in the new Fantasyland is just beautiful! The ride is a little disappointing, though. right: Josh attempting to pull the sword out of the stone. He's MY Prince, no matter what that silly sword says.
left: A nice, cold (sugar-free) treat! Pineapple! Yum!! right: Mickey was super excited about our chalkboard and our anniversary.
I've always loved Disney and fairytales, and it was so much fun to spend the day in the "happiest place on Earth" with my best friend!  Josh, thanks for two years of marriage and growing in love {and so, so much more!}. I love you more today than I did two years ago and not as much as I will two years from now.