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Dec 5, 2013

Magic Rain

Happy December, and Merry Christmas!!

We're officially down to the last week of classes, and I think everyone is struggling a little bit to stay focused and finish strong. The freshman class (aka, us) has almost no homework for the rest of the semester, which is almost bad considering that it feels like Christmas break is starting early. There is no more snow on the ground anymore, the magic rain took care of that, but the temperatures are now well below freezing and it looks like they're going to stay like that. The good news is, though, that the sun is shining today! I've really missed the sun.
It's looked like this for about the last 4 days. Cheery, no?
"Magic rain" is the best way I can describe the weather up here. My weather app says 100% chance of rain, it's foggy, and gray, and cold, but not a drop of rain falls... yet everything gets wet, puddles form, and the trees get drippy. I dunno what it is, but it's weird. And wet. And magic.

This coming weekend we have 2 Christmas parties and a decorations open house, which is basically a chance to see everyone's houses and their Christmas decorations. I'm looking forward to all the holiday cheer!

Last week I showed you all of my DIY Christmas decorations {if you didn't see it, go here for the tutorial!}, and then Josh went on a night flight... When he's gone, I go into that state of paranoia where you hear noises and jump at everything {which was probably not helped by the fact that I was also watching Sleepy Hollow, just sayin'}. So I started making more pretty things.
I promise it does say "peace" and "joy." The Instagram square couldn't fit the whole thing in... And I like bokeh sparkles, ok? They're pretty.
I thought our door could use a little Christmas cheer, too, so I made this sweet little "Peace <3 Joy" banner. And I may or may not have used the string that used to be tying my mittens together to hang it on the door. With duct tape.

It is what it is.

I recently discovered that I have the perfect little "me space." It's been there all along, but I never appreciated it until now. It has a cozy chair, perfect for curling up under a blanket, a window for light and sight, a ledge for my tea mug, and the heater is right by my feet. It's cozy, y'all.

I think it's time that I go to my little space to do my reading for tomorrow's hermeneutics class...