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Mar 24, 2014

Mochaccino Muffcakes + Cream Cheese Icing {refined sugar free!}

This week was insanely busy for us. We had a whole bunch of stuff due all right about the same time. I still don't think I've quite caught up with myself.

On top of everything, Josh also had a birthday. Now, my man does not really "do" birthdays. He doesn't like the attention or the idea of lording his birthday over others, and he doesn't like other people making a big fuss over him. However, I always try to do something small just to show that I think he is special and deserves a day to be recognized for all that he does.

I was determined to make him a birthday cake. I didn't think I could pull off a surprise party like I did last year. Josh is always super sensitive to the fact that I can't eat processed sugars, and often reminds me when I think that "this time won't hurt." Ahem. Anyways, he told me in no uncertain terms that I could not make him a cake unless I could eat it, too. Gulp. Problem. Do you know any cake recipes that have no sugar and don't taste like dirt? Neither do I.

I would not be swayed in my mission, so I turned to my paleo friends and the internet.

And I won.

Let me present to you, the best refined-sugar free cake and frosting you will ever eat.
And because I'm awesome like that. Here are the recipes. You're welcome.

Mochaccino Muffcake
Cream Cheese Icing

Our dear friends, Marcus and Kaitlyn took us out for a delicious birthday dinner and we ate cake when we got back. Josh got to talk to all of his family and in the end, I think he was just fine with having a birthday this year.