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Oct 17, 2014

no-bake energy crack

Recently, Josh and I started the Insanity at-home workout program. We do it every day, even when we don't want to. At first the only thing we really noticed was that we couldn't walk (or breathe, or move in general). Then I noticed that I was totally crashing in the afternoon because I wasn't eating enough throughout the day to keep my (new powerhouse) body going. I did some research and found the perfect fix!
Remember my breakfast cookies? Well, this recipe is even better than that! These are packed with protein, totally customizeable, refined-sugar free, there's no baking required, they have dark chocolate chips in them, and they're husband approved! What could be better? They're seriously the perfect thing to grab for breakfast, or afternoon snack, or dessert, or just because... You could just keep eating them. It's healthy energy crack that you can't get enough of.
No-Bake Energy Crack
(original recipe by Gimme Some Oven)
printable recipe here
You can add or subtract anything you want and definitely check out Ali's site for more ideas for different no-bake recipes; I haven't tried them all, but so far, I'm quite happy with this one! I make a double batch every week and a half. Try melting some chocolate and drizzling it over the bars, or dipping the balls in chocolate sauce. Maybe adding some nuts or dried fruit would be good, too. Go crazy with them!

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