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Feb 27, 2015

checking in

It's been quiet around here. Too quiet. It's just been hard to be creative at all.

It feels like Josh and I are in a holding pattern of sorts. We can't do this until we do that. But we can't do that until this comes from that person in this place, with those things. How'd'ya like that sentence?

What I mean is that we're in the season of waiting. You know... that season when the next thing is better than where you're at, and you just can't wait to get there. However, when you arrive at "better" there is always something better yet ahead and you start the season of waiting over again. Discontent. Unhappy. Longing.

In a Bible study I read recently (perfect timing, really), they talked about this season of waiting, and then pointed us to Romans 8. There, Paul talks about how all of creation is groaning, longing for Jesus' return. Essentially, that all of creation is in a season of waiting, and the "better" is only going to be when Jesus returns! Lucky for us, though, Jesus is waiting with us!

I don't know about you, but that makes me feel a little bit better about groaning in my season of waiting.
Since it's been a while since I wrote anything, I thought I'd give a little update about what's been going on in our Little House in the Woods.

Paperwork. Josh spent an entire day scanning every document, receipt, and certificate so that we don't have a ton of papers to carry around. Two thumbs up for being green?

Shots. I had a whole list of vaccines and blood tests I needed to get which are required by US and PNG governments, as well as NTM. I never realized this, but shots hurt much worse about 20 minutes after the fact. It's like someone stuffed a small ball under your skin which pinches and burns your arm.

Interviews. This past week Josh took his nationalization test for the US. Now we wait. We haven't heard the results yet, and don't have a date for his oath ceremony, but the officer said she recommended him for approval!

Fellowship. We've been able to spend a good bit of time with people we dearly love. There's been a lot of cooking (and therefore a lot of eating!), an abundance of laughter, and plenty of love. It's the little things.

Leaks. This week we learned that our bathroom had a monster of a leak. A section of the wall had to be cut out, new pipes installed, and then new drywall had to be put in and painted. At least there was another shower we could use until it was done!

Food. Over the last couple of weeks, I've tried some new recipes and have been really, really pleased! I have a couple more on my list to try this week, too. I'll let you know how it goes! This season of waiting is quite conducive to trying new things.

What do you do when you're experiencing a season of waiting? I'd love to hear!

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  1. Hi Erin! We're in a holding pattern here too, waiting for school to finish, waiting to see what and where your mom's upcoming graduation will bring us, what school I'll transfer to finish my Bachelor's degree (that will depend on the job market and where your mom ends up), waiting for your brother to come home and what he's going to do. Buried anxiety about a wide-open and uncertain future has me breaking out in hives and forces me to admit that I haven't successfully given all that to God with the quiet assurance I ought to have. But, one day at a time, just seeing Him provide helps a lot. This living by faith is not as easy as people make it sound, but it's a thrilling ride!